Nazir Noori

Nazir Noori graduated from the Engineering Faculty of Herat University and is now employed at an Engineering company in Köln, Germany. Concerning the very critical situation which has always been going on throughout Afghanistan and the current collapse of the Government in Afghanistan, he came to the conclusion that there are many people starving due to severe poverty and they are at risk of death caused by hunger, economic challenges and health issues which directly affect them, especially women and children (specifically the women and children from ethnic minorities who are already deprived of having access to humanitarian assistance). He therefore began searching for ways to assist them and the other vulnerable people who are in the greatest need of help. He found Qatrah, which is a charitable organisation based in the UK and whose aim is completely aligned with his own. Qatrah aims to help orphans and the victims of war in Afghanistan, with a particular focus on women and children, regardless of their race, religion or political preferences.