Disaster Response

Unfortunately, Afghanistan is vulnerable to numerous types of disasters, from natural disasters such as earthquakes, to human-caused disasters such as terrorist attacks. These disasters could occur at any time and without warning, causing immense disruption and pain to people’s lives. Qatrah prides itself on its quick response times, helping victims at such critical times in unique and personal ways.

The two most recent disasters to note include the Herat earthquakes and the suicide bombing on Baghlan mosque. Qatrah responded swiftly to both disasters and provided essential care to the victims.

When the earthquakes ripped through the province of Herat, many people lost their homes, livelihoods, and in some cases friends and family members in an instant. Qatrah’s survey team arrived in the area soon after and swiftly delivered valuable aid, in particular sanitary and healthcare packages to impacted women and children.

In the aftermath of the suicide bombing on Baghlan mosque, Qatrah reached out to the victims, and provided valuable support in the way of covering healthcare costs, and offering aid to help them return to their normal lives.